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  2. "Where there is no Vision, there is no Hope."

    —George Washington Carver

    Illuminated Eyewear is a socially-conscious Eyewear brand specializing in Classically Styled Sunglasses with a time-honored brand aesthetic. Most importantly, for every pair of sunglasses we sell, a contribution is made to help someone in an impoverished part of the world regain sight… either through an eye exam, a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, or in some cases, a surgical procedure.

    Our non-profit Partners in Restoring Sight:
    We could never hope to achieve our lofty goals without the help and guidance of our two long-standing philanthropic partners: Seva & Orbis with whom we work directly, allowing our customers to re-purpose their eyewear choices not only to protect their eyes, enhance their appearance & shade their face, but simultaneously to help make the world a better place... to see a world through rose colored glasses, said another way.

    Illuminated Eyewear
    A Purpose for Every Pair

  3. Look Worldwide

    Illuminated Eyewear • A Purpose for Every Pair

  4. "The Only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision." —Helen Keller

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    Here at Illuminated Eyewear, an exclusive new brand from Look Worldwide Our Mission & Our Name are one in the same: Each day we seek ever to look globally for ways to improve health & well-being for all, by empowering our customers with their purchase to help us spread the word ever further about this and other important causes. With each new ray of light that falls on fresh eyes... and your help, if we work together, we can create a brighter tomorrow. The greatest of all gifts is given to another in need.

    Hope is within Sight

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